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Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow.

Research Papers.

  1. Fedor Pakhomov. Solovay completeness without fixed points. Preprint. arXiv:1703.10262, 2017. PDF.
  2. Fedor Pakhomov. Linear GLP-algebras and their elementary theories Izv. RAN. Ser. Mat., 80(6):173-216, 2016.
  3. P. Henk and Fedor Pakhomov. Slow and ordinary provability for Peano arithmetic. Preprint. arXiv:1602.1822, 2016. PDF.
  4. Fedor Pakhomov. Ordinal Notations in Caucal Hierarchy. Preprint, arXiv:1512.05036, 2015. PDF.
  5. Fedor Pakhomov. On elementary theories of ordinal notation systems based on reflection principles. Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, 289(1):194-212, 2015.PDF,PDF in Russian.
  6. Fedor Pakhomov. On the complexity of the closed fragment of Japaridze’s provability logic. Archive for Mathematical Logic, 53(7-8):949-967, 2014. PDF.
  7. Fedor Pakhomov. Undecidability of the elementary theory of the semilattice of GLP-words. Sb. Math., 203(8):1211-1229, 2012.

e-mail: pakhfn 'at' gmail.com
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