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Malyshev Fedor Mikhailovich
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1. F. M. Malyshev, “Kriptograficheski slabye funktsii uslozhneniya dlya trekhchlennykh lineinykh rekurrentnykh posledovatelnostei”, Matem. vopr. kriptogr., 8:1 (2017), 69–80  mathnet  mathscinet  elib
2. A. V. Erokhin, F. M. Malyshev, A. E. Trishin, “Multidimensional linear method and diffusion characteristics of linear medium of ciphering transform”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 8:4 (2017), 29–62  mathnet

3. F. M. Malyshev, “The Post-Gluskin-Hosszú theorem for finite $n$-quasigroups and self-invariant families of permutations”, Sb. Math., 207:2 (2016), 226–237  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi  elib  elib  scopus
4. F. M. Malyshev, “Distribution density of commutant of random rotations of three-dimensional Euclidean space”, Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 61:2 (2016), 327–347  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  elib
5. F. M. Malyshev, Diskr. Mat., 28:3 (2016), 59–96  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  elib

6. F. M. Malyshev, “Family of Equal-Sized $n$-Dimensional Polyhedra Satisfying Cavalieri's Principle”, Math. Notes, 97:2 (2015), 213–229  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi  elib  elib  scopus
7. F. M. Malyshev, “The complexity of initial state recovery for a class of filter generators”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 6:1 (2015), 109–116  mathnet  mathscinet  elib
8. F. M. Malyshev, “Bases of recurrent sequences”, Chebyshevskii Sb., 16:2 (2015), 155–185  mathnet  elib

9. F. M. Malyshev, “The duality of differential and linear methods in cryptography”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 5:3 (2014), 35–47  mathnet  elib
10. F. M. Malyshev, “On the fraction of matrices with maximal additive complexity”, Discrete Math. Appl., 24:6 (2014), 359–361  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  elib  elib  scopus

11. F. M. Malyshev, “Three series of $5$-configurations”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 4:3 (2013), 83–97  mathnet
12. F. M. Malyshev, “Four infinite series of $k$-configurations”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 4:4 (2013), 65–75  mathnet

13. F. M. Malyshev, A. A. Frolov, “Classification of $(v,3)$-Configurations”, Math. Notes, 91:5 (2012), 689–696  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  isi  elib  elib  scopus
14. F. M. Malyshev, “Metric properties of embeddings of the set of integers into the cylider”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 3:3 (2012), 57–79  mathnet  elib

15. F. M. Malyshev, “Basises of integers under the multiplace shift operations”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 2:1 (2011), 29–73  mathnet  elib

16. F. M. Malyshev, “Doubly transitive XLS-families of permutations”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 1:2 (2010), 93–103  mathnet  elib

17. F. M. Malyshev, V. L. Migunov, “On the limit behavior of a probability distribution on the circle”, Chebyshevskii Sb., 10:1 (2009), 59–64  mathnet  mathscinet  elib

18. F. M. Malyshev, “Generating sets of elements of recurrent sequences”, Tr. Diskr. Mat., 11, no. 2, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2008, 86–111  mathnet

19. F. M. Malyshev, “On a generating system of alternating groups on finite vector spaces”, Tr. Diskr. Mat., 10, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2007, 175–181  mathnet
20. F. M. Malyshev, V. N. Romanov, “Strongly essential transforms of the Cartesian products of a set”, Bulletin of Tomsk state university, 23 (2007), 42–43

21. F. M. Malyshev, E. V. Kutyreva, “On the distribution of the number of ones in a Boolean Pascal's triangle”, Discrete Math. Appl., 16:3 (2006), 271–279  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  elib  scopus (cited: 3)
22. F. M. Malyshev, “On a generating system of a symmetrical group”, Tr. Diskr. Mat., 9, Gelios APB, Moscow, 2006, 110–120  mathnet

23. F. M. Malyshev, “Generation of uniform distribution robust to nonequiprobability of the initial digits”, Discrete Math. Appl., 15:6 (2005), 581–589  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  elib

24. F. M. Malyshev, “Inheritance of some properties of generating families by a substitution group”, Tr. Diskr. Mat., 8, Fizmatlit, Moscow, 2004, 155–175  mathnet

25. F. M. Malyshev, “Cryptography and mathematics”, Mathematics and practice, mathematics and culture, M., 2003, 30–33
26. F. M. Malyshev, “Robust simulation of uniform distribution on the combinatorial objects”, Bulletin of ICSI, 2003

27. F. M. Malyshev, V. E. Tarakanov, “On $(v,k)$-configurations”, Sb. Math., 192:9 (2001), 1341–1364  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi (cited: 2)  scopus

28. F. M. Malyshev, V. E. Tarakanov, “Generalized de Bruijn graphs”, Math. Notes, 62:4 (1997), 449–456  mathnet  crossref  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi (cited: 3)
29. F. M. Malyshev, “An optimization problem for the Brunn–Minkowski inequality”, Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 218 (1997), 257–260  mathnet  mathscinet  zmath

30. F. M. Malyshev, “Decompositions of root systems”, Math. Notes, 27:6 (1980), 418–421  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi (cited: 2)
31. F. M. Malyshev, “Simplexial systems of linear equations”, Algebra, MSU Press, Moscow, 1980, 53–56  zmath
32. F. M. Malyshev, “On the nilpotency class of Lie algebras satisfying the Engel condition”, Bulletin of MSU, mech.-math., 2 (1980), 55–58  mathscinet  zmath
33. F. M. Malyshev, “Complete complex structures on homogeneous spaces of semisimple Lie groups”, Math. USSR-Izv., 15:3 (1980), 501–522  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi (cited: 1)

34. F. M. Malyshev, “Compact complex uniform spaces with the finite fundamental group”, Proceedings of I.G. Petrovsky seminar, 7, MSU Press, Moscow, 1979, 228–231  mathscinet

35. F. M. Malyshev, “Decompositions of nilpotent Lie algebras”, Math. Notes, 23:1 (1978), 17–18  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  zmath

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43. F. M. Malyshev, “Local decompositions of pseudo-orthogonal groups”, Math. Notes, 16:4 (1974), 969–974  mathnet  crossref  mathscinet  zmath

44. F. M. Malyshev, Diskr. Mat. (to appear)  mathnet


45. F. M. Malyshev, On the classification of the complex uniform spaces of the semisimple Lie groups, Candidate thesis, MIAN, M., 1977


46. F. M. Malyshev, “Kombinatornye konfiguratsii i odnorodnye triangulyatsii torov”, Materialy XIII Mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii «Algebra, teoriya chisel i diskretnaya geometriya: sovremennye problemy i prilozheniya» (Tula, 2015), TGPU, Tula, 2015, 309–312  elib

47. F. M. Malyshev, A. A. Frolov, “Classification theorems for (v,k)–configurations”, Proceedings of MaBIT-2010, “Mathematical aspects of information security” (Moscow, 2010), MCCME, 2011, 61–65

48. F. M. Malyshev, “On the asymptotic behavior of the probability distributions on the residue rings”, Proceedings of MaBIT-2009, Mathematical aspects of information security (Moscow, 2009), MCCME, 2010, 23–31

49. F. M. Malyshev, “Bazisnye nabory v rekurrentnykh posledovatelnostyakh”, Materialy IX mezhdunar. sem. Diskretnaya matematika i eë prilozheniya (Moskva, 2007), mekhmat MGU, M., 2007, 442–444

50. F. M. Malyshev, E. V. Kutyreva, “On a property of the Boolean analogs of Pascal triangle”, Proceedings of the 4th All-Russian Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics, 2004, 245–246

51. F. M. Malyshev, “The Post – Gluskin – Hosszu theorem for $n$-quasigroups”, Proceedings of the XIV international conference “Algebra and Number Theory: Contemporary Problems and Applications” (Saratov, 2016), SSU, Saratov, 2016, 59–62
52. F. M. Malyshev, D. I. Trifonov, “Diffusion properties of XSLP-ciphers”, Mat. Vopr. Kriptogr., 7:3 (2016), 47–60  mathnet  mathscinet  elib
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